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5 tips to prevent erectile dysfunction
18 November, 2020

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual problem that is the inability to maintain an erection for a long period of time in order to have intercourse.

In certain cases this is called impotence.

It is common for men to have episodic erectile dysfunction or frequent erectile dysfunction. Often it is caused by problems like stress or relationship problems; sometimes you need to see a health professional to solve these problems.

In addition to erectile dysfunction, men can also have other sexual dysfunction, such as:

  • Decreased libido
  • Loss or delayed ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented. It is important for men to know that erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be avoided by taking care of yourself. Today we have several pieces of advice.

It is worth practicing certain actions:
You will increase your libido and gain more confidence in yourself by exercising your own body. Is it a perfect reason to start physical activity? Men who are not physically active are at greater risk of having sexual problems. Please consult your doctor if you would like to know how to improve your cardio and strength training ..

Stop smoking
Many doctors associate erectile dysfunction with smoking. This belief has been reinforced through much research. It found that most men with erectile dysfunction are smokers.
Do you know what quality of male sperm and what amount of spermatozoids can be decreased by smoking? Smoking damages the small arteries, reducing the blood supply to the penis and causing erectile dysfunction.

Healthy eating is important
What do you have on your plate today? The foods we eat have an impact on how healthy you are. Diets can often improve your bedroom skills. We stand for a balanced diet, especially a low-fat and nutrient-rich diet. These healthy problems will keep your "sexual system" always great.

Kegel exercises are good.
Kegel exercises can be done not only by women, but also by men. These exercises strengthen the muscles that unite the tailbone and the base of the penis.
Why is it important to strengthen these muscles?
This is because the muscles control how fluid goes through the urethra. These exercises can be done simply by contracting the muscles, much like trying to stop urination. The better you hold your urine, the stronger your muscles are. Contract and hold the muscles for a few seconds, then finish the exercise by relaxing them.
By improving the art of Kegel exercises, you can increase your orgasms and prevent premature ejaculation.

Good stress management is very important
Many sexual problems are influenced by stress. Stress can ruin your life: by leaving you with fear, nervousness and ultimately exhaustion.
You are at risk of losing self-control when stress affects your mind and lifestyle. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are certain methods that could help you manage stress. Please allow some time to understand sadness and anger so that you can learn to deal with stress better. It is useful for you to relax and this progress will be watched in your bedroom.

Not so long ago I was reading my Saturday paper and all of a sudden I found this article: "Ask Dr. Dave. Richard seeks help on how to solve his erectile dysfunction problem. He mentioned that he was thinking about suicide after his longtime." Partner had left him: "We were going to get married and I felt very hurt because we had only recently started sex. I understood that I had problems when my morning erection disappeared ", - said Richard ... The doctor advised him to live more healthily and to use erectile dysfunction drugs recommended by professionals.
Erectile dysfunction can be treated with a variety of drugs.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular drugs that we have on our online pharmacy.

"Avana" 50 mg ("Avanafil")
The active ingredient in this drug is avanafil. It improves blood flow to the penis and widens blood vessels. When using this drug, you must refrain from alcohol as it can cause dizziness, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension and headache. Avana can also cause problems with your eyesight, fainting and dizziness, so we advise you to do certain tasks carefully while taking this medication: e.g. Drive.
 Please note that this drug will not protect your partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to avoid pregnancy, use contraceptives or birth control pills.

Duratia 90 mg (dapoksetin)
This is the medication you need when you have premature ejaculation. This uncontrollable ejaculation happens when you least expect it, and it's probably not fun for either partner. Many men complain about this problem because the reality is that 1 in 3 men will suffer from premature ejaculation.
Getting rid of premature ejaculation requires medication, sexual technique, medical advice, etc.

Facts and myths about erection dysfunction
18 November, 2020

Erection dysfunction is sexual health problem, which makes mans sexual stimulation functions not to work properly. For Man who has this problem it is hard to have proper sexual intercourse, because he cannot hold erection for a long time.

This problem is caused by bad blood flow in the penis.
This problem arises during certain male lifetime periods, however under certain conditions it is a long term problem.
For most of the men it is hard to speak out about Erectile dysfunction,  because it lowers their ego. Public norms silenced many men, because it is thought that they are responsible for their bedroom issues.
Those communication limitations are caused by many false opinions about this disease. Today we going to separate facts from myths and will tell you what you should believe what not.
In order to provide best treatment it is important to have proper medical information about Erectile dysfunction.

Myth: Only older people can have erectile dysfunction

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is problem which affects any age group males, however it is more likely to appear for older males. Males who have hypertension disease, kidney problems, obesity, heart disease, diabetes are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be cause by certain risk factors, such as smoking or certain medicines.

Myth: erectile dysfunction is only affected my males.

Fact: erectile dysfunction can cause psychological issues not just for males but for females also. It can cause low self-esteem and in harder cases it can even cause depression. It is very important to take erectile dysfunction seriously, because it can often cause tension in intimate relationship. Partner can blame himself or feel unloved. Self-esteem problems can be reflected in problems with colleagues, friends or family members.

Myth: erectile dysfunction is caused by tight underwear.

Fact: Researches proven that underwear can cause unnecessary warmth for sexual organs and it can cause infertility. However they did not found any connection to erectile dysfunction and tight underwear.

Myth: erectile dysfunction can be treated only by using Viagra and other medicine.

Fact: In order to treat erectile dysfunction it is important to start from physical conditions. Before starting to use medicine your doctor may advise you to change your life style. You can lower erectile dysfunction effects by changing your life style, for example you can quit smoking, lose weight.
Important note: Medicine is not always effective for everyone, however they help many males.

Myth: you can avoid doctor by using homeopathic medicine or supplements.

Fact: presently there are not scientific evidence, that ED can by treated by simply using homeopathic medicine or supplements. Person should never use homeopathic medicine or supplement without doctors approval. Why? Homeopathic medicine or supplements can cause side effects and cause interaction with other medicine by harming your body.  Using homeopathic or herbal supplements can be very risky, because they are not FDA approved.

Myth: males who have erectile dysfunction have no desire in sex.

Fact: A desire to have sexual intercourse is mainly affected by hormones, so males who have erectile dysfunction, can have sexual desires, however the fear of not having erection can scare them to have sexual intercourse, even if they  have sexual fantasies.

Myth: if you do not have erection, it always means that you have erectile dysfunction.

Fact: male cannot always want to have sexual intercourse.  Male sexual desires can be limited by such factors as anxiety, fatigue, problems in relationship, problems at work and etc,  In other cases males as women can just have bad mood. :”The pressure of being always prepared” is not good for male, and in certain cases it can influence bad sex.

Myth: ED is simple personal problem and it is not dangerous.

Fact: probably ED will not have serious side effects for health, however it can mean that person can have some other disease like high blood pressure or other heart disease. These problems can be serious so they have to be immediately checked up by a doctor.

Now let’s look to popular Tadalafil medicine, which can be used if you have erectile dysfunction.

„Apcialis“  (Tadalafil)

The strength of this medicine is 20mg, it has an active component tadalafil.  It is used to treat such diseases as erection dysfunctions, benign prostate hyperplasia and pulmonary artery hypertension. It is packed in one package with 10 tablets.
This medicine should be used by drinking it with water 40 minutes before sexual intercourse. People who have heart disease or hypertension should not use this medicine, unless they have doctors agreement.  Please avoid to use this medicine with nitrates, antidepressants or antifungal medicine, with certain antibiotics, and also alfa and beta adrenoblockators. It is always important to buy such medicine from authentic pharmacy.

„Tadal SX“ (Tadalafil)

It is used to improve the blood flow in certain body parts. It affects blood vessels walls by relaxing their muscles. This medicine will help people who have erectile dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension and prostate gland hyperplasia. Tadal SX should be only used orally, and it begins to work in 30-60 minutes.
By using this medicine it is important to lower your alcohol consumption or do not use it at all, because it can cause side effect, for example: lower blood pressure, tachycardia, dizziness or head ache.
If you had such side effects as: chest pain, hearing problems, irregular heart beating, swollen tongue, lips or face you should immediately consult your doctor. You do not need medical attention if you feel redness, back pain, muscle pain, indigestion or blocked nose. However if those side effects persists seek medical attention.

Blend into the Nature for freshness
18 November, 2020

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